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1. ASEAN law and regional integration : governance and the rule of law in southeast Asia’s single market

2. Access and control in digital humanities

3. Accountability, international business operations and the law : providing justice for corporate human rights violations in global value chains

4. Development-induced displacement and human rights in Africa : the Kampala convention

5. Combating corruption in the Middle East : a socio-legal study of Kuwait

6. A theory of legal punishment : deterrence, retribution, and the aims of the state

7. Judging and emotion : a socio-legal analysis

8. Marine pollution, shipping waste and international law

9. Artificial intelligence and the law : cybercrime and criminal liability

10. Regulating and combating money laundering and terrorist financing : the law in emerging economies

11. Religious symbols and the intervention of the law : symbolic functionality in pluralist states

12. "Crossover" Children in the youth justice and child protection systems

13. Bangladesh and international law

14. Freedoms of navigation in the Asia-Pacific region : strategic, political and legal factors

15. Labour rights and the catholic church : the international labour organisation, the holy see and catholic social teaching

16. International investment protection within Europe : the EU's assertion of control

17. The internal law of religions : introduction to a comparative discipline

18. Human rights and the revision of refugee law

19. National security review of foreign investment : a comparative legal analysis of China, the United States and the European Union

20. Big data, political campaigning and the law : democracy and privacy in the age of micro-targeting

21. Banking bailout law : a comparative study of the United States, United Kingdom and the European Union

22. Complaints to the authorities in Russia : a trap between tradition and legal modernization

23. Defences in International Investment Law

24. The politics of punishment : a comparative study of imprisonment and political culture

25. Medical treatment of children and the law : beyond parental responsibilities

26. Civil jurisdiction and judgments

27. She took justice : the black woman, law, and power, 1619 to 1969

28. From international to global criminal justice : core challenges and the influence of globalization

29. COVID-19 and human rights

30. European economic legal order after brexit : legacy, regulation and policy

31. Emerging pathogens at the poles : disease and international trade law

32. Non-judicial remedies and EU administration : protection of rights versus preservation of autonomy

33. Christianity and global law

34. Property and justice : a liberal theory of natural rights

35. Class actions in privacy law

36. The presumption of innocence in international human rights and criminal law

37. The ecological constitution : reframing enviromental law

38. Convict cCriminology for the future

39. Criminal networks and law enforcement : global perspectives on illegal enterprise

40. Criminology and democratic politics

41. The humanitarian fix : navigating civilian protection in contemporary wars

42. International corporate personhood : business and the bodyless in international law

43. Persecution, international refugee law and refugees : a feminist approach

44. Better law for a better world : new approaches to law practice and education

45. Decolonising justice for aboriginal youth with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders

46. Decolonizing law : indigenous, third world and settler perspectives

47. Delivering justice : issues and concerns

48. Reciprocity and China's transboundary waters : the law of international watercourses

49. International business law and the legal environment : a transitional approach

50. Digital piracy : a global, multidisciplinary account