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1. Adapting watercourse agreements to developments in international law : the case of the Itaipu treaty

2. Addressing corruption allegations in international arbitration

3. Africa and the decolonisation of state-religion policies

4. African basin management organizations : contribution to pollution prevention of transboundary water resources

5. Arctic ocean shipping : navigation, security and sovereignty in the North American Arctic

6. Are we there yet : have MFAs realized the potential of digital diplomacy ?

7. Basel committee on banking supervision : an assessment of governance and legitimacy - Part II

8. Between criminalization and protection : the Italian way of dealing with migrant smuggling and trafficking within the European and international context

9. Catastrophe and conflict : disaster diplomacy and its foreign policy implications

10. Comparative discrimination law : historical and theoretical frameworks

11. Conscientious objection and human rights : a systematic analysis

12. Damages in investor-state arbitration

13. Economic consequences of divorce in Korea

14. Fair and equitable treatment : its interaction with the minimum standard and its customary Satus

15. Freshwater boundaries revisited : recent developments in international river and lake delimintation

16. Inter-state water law in the United States of America : what lessons for international water law?

17. International investment law and arbitration : history, modern practice, and future prospects

18. Investors, states, and arbitrators in the crosshairs of international investment law and environment

19. Jurisdiction and admissibility in investment arbitration : the practice and the theory

20. National styles in science, diplomacy, and science diplomacy

21. New perspectives on the structure of transnational criminal justice

22. The Organisation of the anthropocene : in our hands?

23. Political theology and international law

24. Principles of evidence in public international law as applied by investor-state tribunals : burden and standards of proof

25. Re-situating utopia