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1676. The languages of political theory in early-modern Europe

1677. The ANZUS crisis, nuclear visiting and deterrence

1678. Black hole tariffs and endogenous policy theory : political economy in general equilibrium

1679. John Stuart Mill : on liberty with the subjection of women and chapters on socialism

1680. Montesquieu : the spirit of the laws

1681. Bentham : a fragment on government

1682. Canada's arctic waters in international law

1683. Constant : political writings

1684. International economic sanctions : improving the haphazard U.S. legal regime

1685. John Locke : two treatises of government

1686. Machiavelli : the Prince

1687. Transit management in the Northwest Passage : problems and prospects

1688. The birth of the English common law

1689. Corporations in and under international law

1690. Human rights in internal strife : their international protection

1691. Judges, legislators, and professors : chapters in European legal history

1692. Michael Bakunin : statism and anarchy

1693. The interface between the written and the oral

1694. Human territoriality : its theory and history

1695. Social facts and fabrications : "customary" law on Kilimanjaro, 1880-1980

1696. The fall of natural man : the american indian and the origins of comparative ethnology

1697. Non-appearance before the International Court of Justice

1698. Wealth and virtue : the shaping of political economy in the Scottish Enlightenment

1699. Disputes and settlements : law and human relations in the West

1700. The application of the rule of exhaustion of local remedies in international law : its rationale in the international protection of individual rights