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1. The Frontier Complex

2. International investment law and arbitration : commentary, awards and other materials

3. International law

4. Turpin and Tomkins' british government and the constitution : text and materials

5. The Cambridge Companion to the Philosophy of Law

6. Dispute processes : ADR and the primary forms of decision-making

7. International human rights law and practice

8. Rules and practices of international investment law and arbitration

9. UNCITRAL Model Law on International Commercial Arbitration : a commentary

10. Australian uniform evidence law

11. The Cambridge companion to comparative family law

12. The Cambridge companion to human rights and literature

13. Envrionmental expertise : connecting science, policy and society

14. European Union law : text and materials

15. Evil in Aristotle

16. Experiments in international adjudication : historical accounts

17. General principles of the European Convention on Human Rights

18. Great judgments of the European Court of Justice : rethinking the landmark decisions of the foundational period

19. International and transnational crime and justice

20. International human rights law : cases, materials, commentary

21. Law, lawyers, and litigants in early modern England : essays in memory of Christopher W. Brooks

22. The Politics of the First World War : A Course in Game Theory and International Security

23. Protection of legitimate expectations in investment treaty arbitration : a theory of detrimental reliance

24. Services trade in ASEAN : the road taken and the journey ahead

25. Transboundary water disputes : state conflict and the assessment of their adjudication

26. The application of the European Convention on Human Rights to military operations

27. The international law of belligerent occupation

28. The international law of the sea

29. An introduction to international criminal law and procedure

30. The legacy of Ad Hoc tribunals in international criminal law : assessing the ICTY's and the ICTR's most significant legal accomplishments

31. The legal authority of ASEAN as a security institution

32. The legal framework of the OSCE

33. The 1848 revolutions and European political thought

34. Anti-Jewish Violence in Poland, 1914–1920

35. Authoritarian capitalism : sovereign wealth funds and state-owned enterprises in East Asia and beyond

36. Authoritarianism and the elite origins of democracy

37. Blockchain regulation and governance in Europe

38. The Cambridge companion to Wittgenstein

39. The Cambridge dictionary of modern world history

40. The Cambridge handbook of consumer privacy

41. The Cambridge handbook of the just war

42. Civil war in Syria : mobilization and competing social orders

43. Cognitive capitalism : human capital and the wellbeing of nations

44. Colonization and subalternity in Classical Greece : experience of the nonelite population

45. Comparative law

46. Comrades against imperialism : Nehru, India, and interwar internationalism

47. Constituent assemblies

48. Constructing global order : agency and change in world politics

49. The DNA of constitutional justice in latin America : politics, governance, and judicial design

50. Democracy and goodness : a historicist political theory

51. Distant justice : the impact of the International Criminal Court on African politics

52. EU treaties and legislation : with Brexit coverage

53. Early modern women on metaphysics

54. European Union Law

55. Flattery and the history of political thought : that glib and oily art

56. From humanism to Hobbes : studies in rhetoric and politics

57. Global trade and the transformation of consumer cultures : the material world remade, c. 1500-1820

58. Human rights in international relations

59. Hunting justice : development, law, and activism in the Kalahari

60. Injury and injustice : the cultural politics of harm and redress

61. Insiders, outsiders, injuries, & law : revisiting "the oven bird's song"

62. Institutions and democracy in Africa : how the rules of the game shape political developments

63. International courts and domestic politics

64. International environmental law

65. International humanitarian law : cases, materials and commentary

66. International investment law and arbitration : commentary, awards and other materials

67. International law : cases and materials with australian perspectives

68. International law as a belief system

69. Justification and excuse in international law : concept and theory of general defences

70. Kant and his German contemporaries : volume I : Logic, mind, epistemology, science and ethics

71. Kant and the faculty of feeling

72. Kant on persons and agency

73. Kant on reality, cause, and force : from the early modern tradition to the critical philosophy

74. Latin America's radical left : rebellion and Cold War in the global 1960s

75. Law and literature

76. Legitimacy and international courts

77. Machiavelli's florentine republic

78. Making migration law : the foreigner, sovereignty and the case of Australia

79. Maritime boundary delimitation : the case law ; Is it consistent and predictable?

80. Moral human agency in business : missing dimension in strategy as practice

81. Nature, action and the future : political thought and the environment

82. On feeding the masses : an anatomy of regulatory in China

83. Party autonomy in private international law

84. Party systems in Latin America : institutionalization, decay, and collapse

85. Peirce on realism and idealism

86. Philosophic Silence and the 'One' in Plotinus

87. Political realism in apocalyptic times

88. Political translation : how social movement democracies survive

89. Principles of international environmental law

90. Protection and empire : a global history

91. Rawl's egalitarianism

92. Re-engineering humanity

94. Ruling before the law : the politics of legal regimes in China and Indonesia

95. Self-determination in disputed colonial territories

96. Self-ownership, property rights and the human body : a legal and philosophical analysis

97. Social interaction in virtual worlds : an interdisciplinary perspective

98. Sovereign emergencies : Latin America and the making of global human rights politics

99. State formations : global histories and cultures of statehood

100. Texts and violence in the Roman world