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1. The 1998-2000 Eritrea-Ethiopia war and its aftermath in international legal perspective : from the 2000 Algiers agreements to the 2018peace agreement

2. Assessing a Mars Agreement Including Human Settlements

3. Athletes' human rights and the fight against doping : a study of the european legal framework

4. Band 3. Beihilferecht

5. CSR and codes of business ethics in the USA, Austria (EU) and China and their enforcement in international supply chain arbitrations

6. Civil case management in the twenty-first century : court structures still matter

7. Class actions in Europe : holy grail or a wrong trail?

8. Comparative climate change litigation : beyond the usual suspects

9. Compensation schemes for damages caused by healthcare and alternatives to court proceedings : comparative law perspectives

10. Consumer law and economics

11. Contemporary international law and China's peaceful development

12. Crime prevention and justice in 2030 : the UN and the universal declaration of human rights

13. Cynical international law?

14. Data protection around the world : privacy laws in action

15. Digitized statecraft in multilateral treaty participation : global quasi-legislative behavior of 193 sovereign states

16. Diplomatic Asylum

17. Groups of companies : a comparative law overview

18. Handbuch Wirtschaftsphilosophie III Praktische Wirtschaftsphilosophie

19. Histories written by international criminal courts and tribunals : developing a responsible history framework

20. Human rights in Turkey : assaults on human dignity

21. Humanitarianism in the Asia-Pacific

22. Implementation of the United Nations convention on the law of the sea : state practice of China and Japan