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1. Band 3. Beihilferecht

2. CSR and codes of business ethics in the USA, Austria (EU) and China and their enforcement in international supply chain arbitrations

3. Civil case management in the twenty-first century : court structures still matter

4. A Comparative Study : Chinese and Western Legal Language and Culture

5. Comparative climate change litigation : beyond the usual suspects

6. Compensation Schemes for Damages Caused by Healthcare and Alternatives to Court Proceedings

7. Consumer law and economics

8. Contemporary international law and China's peaceful development

9. Crime prevention and justice in 2030 : the UN and the universal declaration of human rights

10. Cynical International Law?

11. Data protection around the world : privacy laws in action

12. Digitized statecraft in multilateral treaty participation : global quasi-legislative behavior of 193 sovereign states

14. Groups of Companies

15. Handbuch Wirtschaftsphilosophie III Praktische Wirtschaftsphilosophie

16. Human rights in Turkey : assaults on human dignity

17. Implementation of the United Nations convention on the law of the sea : state practice of China and Japan

22. Künstliche Intelligenz im Urheberrecht : eine Analyse der Zurechnungskriterien und der Prinzipien der Verwandten Schutzrechte vor dem Hintergrund artifizieller Erzeugnisse

23. Law and Migration in a Changing World

24. Legal study on China's sovereignty over the Nansha Islands

25. Public actors in international investment law

26. Regulating Undercover Law Enforcement: The Australian Experience

27. Supreme courts under pressure : controlling caseload in the administration of civil justice

28. Third Party Funding for Dispute Resolution

29. Transnational Actors in International Investment Law

30. Urgency and human rights : the protective potential and legitimacy of interim measures

31. Use of the UNIDROIT principles to interpret and supplement domestic contract law

32. Women, matrimonial litigation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) : transforming indian justice delivery system for achieving genger justice

33. The border dispute between Croatia and Slovenia : the stages of a protracted conflict and its implications for EU enlargement

34. A dialogue between law and history : proceedings of the second international conference on facts and evidence

35. The law applicable to cross-border contracts involving weaker parties in EU private international law

36. The politics of adoption. : international perspectives on law, policy and practice

37. An African path to disability justice : community, relationsships and obligations

38. Anti-europeanism : critical perspectives towards the European Union

39. Application of most-favoured-nation clauses by investor-state arbitral tribunals : implications for the developing countries

40. Arbitration and human rights : approaches to excluding the annulment of arbitral awards and their compatibility with the ECHR

41. Artificial Intelligence, computational modelling and criminal proceedings : a framework for a European legal discussion

42. Artificial intelligence and judicial modernization

43. Beweisfragen in der Rechtsprechung des Europäischen Gerichtshofs für Menschenrechte

44. Big data, databases and "ownership" rights in the cloud

45. The British constitution resettled : parliamentary sovereignty before and after Brexit

46. Causes and Consequences of Migrant Criminalization

47. A Chinese Theory of International Law

48. Citizenship, nationalism and refugeehood of Rohingyas in Southern Asia

49. Coherence and divergence in services trade law

50. Comparative Law and Multicultural Legal Classes: Challenge or Opportunity?