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51. Locke : political essays

52. Nietzsche : on the genealogy of morality

53. Sir John Fortescue : laws governance england

54. The social contract and other later political writings

55. Aristotle : the politics and the constitution of athens

56. Dante : monarchy

57. Fourier : 'the theory of the Four Movements'.

58. Hobbes : Leviathan

59. Marx : later political writings

60. Sidney : Court Maxims

61. Thoreau : political writings

62. The early political writings of the german romantics

63. Beccaria : 'on crimes and punishments' and other writings

64. Ferguson : an essay on the history of civil society

65. Kropotkin : the conquest of bread and other writings

66. Mary Wollstonecraft : a vindication of the rights of men and a vindication of the rights of woman

67. News from nowhere or an epoch of rest : being some chapters from a Utopian Romance by William Morris

68. Nicholas of Cusa : the catholic concordance

69. Plato : the statesman

70. Seneca : moral and political essays

71. Stirner : the ego and its own

72. William of Ockham : a letter to the friars minor and other writings

73. Fénelon : Telemachus

74. Guicciardini : dialogue on the government of Florence

75. Hume : political essays