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3. From exception to promotion re-thinking the relationship between international trade and environmental law

5. Individual criminal responsibility for the financing of entities involved in core crimes

6. International law and chemical, biological, radio-nuclear (CBRN) events. : towards an all-hazards approach

8. McGill manual on international law applicable to military uses of outer space (MILAMOS Project) : volume I - Rules

9. Research handbook on European Union citizenship law and policy : navigating challenges and crises

10. Staub. Handelsgesetzbuch : Band 13.2, §§ 453-466

12. The agricultural law of the EU

13. The 10th anniversary of the Istanbul Convention : Italian – Turkish conference Pisa, 18th June 2021

14. Algorithms and autonomy : the ethics of automated decision systems

15. Archives and human rights

16. Band 5. Verein, Stiftung bürgerlichen Rechts

17. Blockchain + antitrust: the decentralization formula

19. Court companion on gender-based violence cases

20. Crise de l'expression au public en ligne et responsabilité civile extracontractuelle: étude de droit interne et de droit international privé

21. Crisis narratives in international law

22. Defending checks and balances in EU member states : taking stock of Europe’s actions

24. Economic value of the judiciary : a pilot study for five countries on volume, value and duration of large commercial cases

25. Efficience et efficacité des systèmes d’assistance judiciaire dans les domaines du droit civil et du droit administratif : Lignes directrices adoptées par le Comité des Ministres du Conseil de l’Europe le 31 mars 2021 et exposé des motifs