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1. Culture and international trade law : from conflict to coordination

2. Denationalisation and its discontents : citizenship revocation in the 21st century: legal, political and moral implications

3. Encyclopedia of ocean law and policy in Asia-Pacific

4. Individual criminal responsibility for autonomous weapons systems in international criminal law

5. Law of international trade in the region of the Caucasus : public international law, private law, dispute settlement

6. Maritime cooperation and security in the Indo-Pacific region : essays in honour of Sam Bateman

7. Prolonged occupation and international law : Israel and Palestine

8. Protecting financial consumers in Europe : comparative perspectives and policy choices

9. Religious diversity, state, and law : national, transnational and international challenges

10. Space law in a networked world

11. Transformative environmental constitutionalism

12. A commentary on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, Optional Protocol 2 : on the sale of children, child prostitution and child pornography

13. The dilemma of consent to international arbitration in investment agreements without a forum

14. Africa and the Universality of Human Rights

15. Beyond imperfect justice : legality and fair labelling in international criminal law

16. Capital, market and the state : reconciling free movement of capital with public interest objectives

17. Case-law and the development of international law : contributions by international Courts and Tribunals

18. Change in the law of the sea : context, mechanisms and practice

19. Coastal state jurisdiction over ships in need of assistance, maritime casualties and shipwrecks

20. Common currents : examining how we manage the ocean commons

21. Cyprus at the European Court of Human Rights : a critical appraisal of the court’s jurisprudence on the rights to property and home in the context of displacement

22. Effective protection of the rights of the accused in the EU directives : a computable approach to criminal procedure law

23. Emerging military technologies : ethical and legal perspectives

24. Ethics and military practice

25. The European Social Charter : a commentary