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1. Truth, justice, and reparations in Peru, Uruguay, and South Korea : the clash of advocacy and politics

2. The EU migration system of governance : justice on the move

3. The two faces of judicial power : dynamics of judicial-political bargaining

4. Language rights and the law in the European Union

5. Artificial intelligence as a disruptive technology : economic transformation and government regulation

6. Trade agreements and public health : a primer for health policy makers, researchers and advocates

7. Environmental crime and restorative justice : justice as meaningful involvement

8. The Tokyo trial and war crimes in Asia

9. States undermining international law : the League of Nations, United Nations, and failed utopianism

10. A critical legal examination of liberalism and liberal rights

11. The Palgrave handbook of applied ethics and the criminal law

12. Personhood in the age of biolegality : brave new law

13. Territorial politics and secession : constituional and international law dimensions

14. Walzer and war : reading just and unjust wars today

15. The implementation and enforcement of European Union law in small member states : a case study of Malta

16. The sound of silence in european administrative law