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1. ASEAN law and regional integration : governance and the rule of law in southeast Asia’s single market

2. Constructing sovereignty between politics and law

3. Democracy in international law-making : principles from Persian philosophy

4. Implementing business and human rights norms in Africa : law and policy interventions

5. The emerging law of forced displacement in Africa : development and implementation of the Kampala Convention on internal displacement

6. The resolution of sovereign debt crises : instruments, inefficiencies and options for the way forward

7. The struggle for land under Israeli law : an architecture of exclusion

8. Access and control in digital humanities

9. Accountability, international business operations and the law : providing justice for corporate human rights violations in global value chains

10. Adding, stirring and inventing : making women matter in international law

11. International investment law and policy in Africa : exploring a human rights based approach to investment regulation and dispute settlement

12. Development-induced displacement and human rights in Africa : the Kampala convention

13. Banking regulation in Africa : the case of Nigeria and other emerging economies

14. The International Criminal Court and Nigeria : implementing the complementarity principle of the Rome Statute

15. Adjudicating family law in Muslim courts

16. Adjudicating global business in and with India : international commercial and investment disputes settlement

17. Administrative law and governance in Asia : comparative perspectives

18. Advancing environmental justice for marginalized communities in India : progress, challenges and opportunities

19. Affectedness and participation in international institutions

20. After Lisbon : national parliaments in the European Union

21. Civilian Drones, Visual Privacy and EU Human Rights Law

22. Africa and international criminal justice : radical evils and the International Criminal Court

23. Armed drones and globalizations in the asymmetric war on terror : challenges for the law of armed conflict and global political economy

24. A modern introduction to international law

25. International child law

26. Maritime cabotage law

27. Combating corruption in the Middle East : a socio-legal study of Kuwait

28. Domestic counter-terrorism in a global world : post-9/11 institutional structures and cultures in Canada and the United Kingdom

29. Value making in international economic law and regulation : alternative possibilities

30. Right to democracy in international law : between procedure, substance and the philosophy of John Rawls

31. Resolving disputes in the Asia-Pacific region : international arbitration and mediation in East Asia and theWest

32. The far-right in international and European law

33. The insider's guide to legal skills

34. Practical guide to evidence

35. A theory of legal punishment : deterrence, retribution, and the aims of the state

36. African Union law : the emergence of a sui generis legal order

37. Corporate social responsibility, human rights and the law : multinational corporations in developing countries

38. Corporate social responsibility and law in Africa : theories, issues and practices

39. International conservation law : the protection of plants in theory and practice

40. The European Convention of Human Rights regime : reform of immigration and minority policies from Afar

41. The foundations and future of financial regulation : governance for responsibility

42. International boundaries : a geopolitical atlas

43. Islamic law in Africa

44. Perpetrating genocide : a criminological account

45. Judging and emotion : a socio-legal analysis

46. Annotated leading trademark cases in major asian jurisdictions

47. Anthropocene Antarctica : perspectives from the humanities, law and social sciences

48. Transnational capitalism and the struggle over European integration

49. The changing nature of customary international law : methods of interpreting the concept of custom in international criminal tribunals

50. Refugee law and practice in Japan

51. Arbitration concerning the South China sea : Philippines versus China

52. International organizations

53. Arendt and law

54. Arguing about law

55. Marine pollution, shipping waste and international law

56. Armed conflict and forcible displacement : individual rights under international law

57. Law across borders : the extraterritorial application of United Kingdom law

58. Children's rights and refugee law : conceptualising children within the refugee convention

59. Artificial intelligence and the law : cybercrime and criminal liability

60. Economic sanctions in international law and practice

61. Asian approaches to international law and the legacy of colonialism and imperialism : the law of the sea, territorial disputes and international dispute settlement

62. Asian discourses of rule of law : theorie and implementation of rule of law in twelve Asian countries, France and the US

63. Assets, crimes, and the state : innovations in 21st century legal responses

64. Human rights and the environment : key issues

65. Human rights approaches to climate change : challenges and opportunities

66. Maritime cross-border insolvency : under the European insolvency regulation and the UNCITRAL model law

67. Australian critical decisions : remembering the Koowarta and Tasmanian Dam cases

68. Autonomous policy making by international organizations

69. Regulating and combating money laundering and terrorist financing : the law in emerging economies

70. Preferential trade agreements and international law

71. Backstage practices of transnational law

72. Religious symbols and the intervention of the law : symbolic functionality in pluralist states

73. Peacebuilding, constitutionalism and the global south : the case for cognitive justice plurinationalism

74. "Crossover" Children in the youth justice and child protection systems

75. The Bakassi dispute and the International Court of Justice : continuing challenges

76. Solution protocols to festering island disputes

77. Genocide, state crime, and the law : in the name of the state

78. The legitimacy of the European Union through legal rationality : free movement of third country nationals

79. Bangladesh and international law

80. Children's rights and the law : an introduction

81. Constitutional and administrative law

82. Constitutional and administrative law

83. Modern diplomacy

84. International aviation law : a practical guide

85. The EU in the global investment regime commission : entrepreneurship, incremental institutional change and business lethargy

86. Mooting : the definitive guide

87. Freedoms of navigation in the Asia-Pacific region : strategic, political and legal factors

88. Ancient indigenous human remains and the law

89. Shipping law

90. Shipping law

91. Sexualised crimes, armed conflict and the law : the International Criminal Court and the definitions of rape and forced marriage

92. The political economy of desire : international law, development and the nation state

93. Labour rights and the catholic church : the international labour organisation, the holy see and catholic social teaching

94. State interest and the sources of international law : doctrine, morality, and non-treaty law

95. Defending rights in contemporary China

96. Empires of remorse : narrative, postcolonialism and apologies for colonial atrocity

97. A commentary on the charter of the United Nations

98. The failure of the International Criminal Court in Africa : decolonising global justice

99. International investment protection within Europe : the EU's assertion of control

100. The internal law of religions : introduction to a comparative discipline