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1. 350 años de la Paz de Westfalia : del antagonismo a la integración en Europa

2. Speaking respect, respecting speech

3. The evolution of the doctrine and practice of humanitarian intervention

4. The judicial process : an introductory analysis of the courts of the United States, England, and France

5. Abuse of procedural rights : comparative standards of procedural fairness; international colloquium 27 - 30 October 1998, Tulane Law School, New Orleans, Louisiana

6. Actes et documents de la dix-huitième session = Proceedings of the eighteenth session : 30 sept. au 19 oct. 1996

7. Being modern in Iran

8. Administrative and expert monitoring of international treaties

9. Administrative justice in the 21st century

10. Homo sacer : sovereign power and bare life

11. Technology and privacy : the new landscape

12. Cornelius van Bynkershoek : his role in the history of international law

13. The democratic accountability of central banks : a comparative study of the European Central Bank

14. The question of intervention : statements by the Secretary-General

15. Color conscious : the political morality of race

16. Strengthening the supervision of the international covenant on economic, social and cultural rights : theoretical and procedural aspects

17. Legal rules and international society

18. The human condition

19. On organizational learning

20. Nuclear disarmament in international law

21. Augustine : the city of god against the pagans

22. Autonomous policy making by international organizations

23. Bacon : the history of the reign of ling Henry VII and selected works

24. International Court of Justice : its functioning and settlement of international disputes

25. Basic documents = Documents de référence

26. Basic readings in international relations. : 1, United Nations framework and rule of law

27. The concept of the common heritage of mankind in international law

28. Emergency return : principles and guidelines

29. The Hague Convention on International Child Abduction

30. Hittite diplomatic texts

31. Political theory and international relations

32. Introduction to arbitration : Swiss and international perspectives

33. The reporting procedure under the Covenant on civil and political rights : practice and procedures of the human rights committee

34. Writing your dissertation in fifteen minutes a day : a guide to starting, revising, and finishing your doctoral thesis

35. Border identities : nation and state at international frontiers

36. Boundaries and energy : problems and prospects

37. Boutros Boutros-Ghali, amicorum discipulorumque liber : paix, développement, démocratie = peace, development, democracy

38. Foundations of world order : the legalist approach to international relations (1898-1922)

39. The Iran-United States claims tribunal

40. French administrative law

41. Manhood and politics : a feminist reading in political theory

42. The rule of law in international affairs : international law at the fFiftieth anniversary of the United Nations

43. The Calculus of Consent : Logical Foundation of Constitutional Democracy

44. The global commons : an introduction

45. Empire and community : Edmund Burke's writings and speeches on international relations

46. Negotiating cultures : bilingual surrender treaties in Muslim-Crusader Spain under James the Conqueror

47. Knowledge capitalism : business, work, and learning in the new economy

48. Naval weapons systems and the contemporary law of war

49. Custom, power, and the power of rules : international relations and customary international law

50. Advocacy and the making of the adversarial criminal trial, 1800-1865

51. Cambridge yearbook of European legal studies :

52. Self-determination of peoples : a legal reappraisal

53. The imaginary institution of society

54. So you really want to be an arbitrator ?

55. The Human Rights Act and the criminal justice and regulatory process

57. The new sovereignty : compliance with international regulatory agreements

58. The litigious Athenian

59. Christian Wolff and law & economics : the Heilbronn Symposium

60. The law of the sea

61. Civil Court News

62. Civil justice in the countries of the European Union

63. Civil procedure news

64. European human rights : taking a case under the convention

65. Normative theory in international relations : a pragmatic approach

66. Commercial mediation and arbitration in the NAFTA countries

67. Comte : early political writings

68. Conference on the promotion and protection of human rights in acute crisis : London on 11-13 February 1998 : report

69. Conflicting legal cultures in commercial arbitration : old issues and new trends

70. International commercial arbitration : party autonomy and mandatory rules

71. Introduction to arbitration

72. Peacemaking in early modern Europe : Cardinal Mazarin and the Congress of Westphalia, 1643 - 1648

73. Current issues in international diplomacy and foreign policy

74. Current maritime issues and the international maritime organization

75. Federal jurisdiction in a nutshell

76. Europe : a history

77. Child support in action

78. Common values and the public-private divide

79. Debating the Middle Ages : issues and readings

81. Dike : rivista di storia del diritto greco ed ellenistico

82. Dispute resolution in the World Trade Organisation

83. The sanctions paradox : economic statecraft and international relations

84. Inventing international society : a history of the English school

85. Key extracts from a selection of judgments of the European Court of Human Rights and décisions and reports of the European Commission of Human Rights

86. The EU and human rights

87. Early warning and conflict prevention : limitations and possibilities

88. The East Asian challenge for human rights

89. The East Timor problem and the role of Europe

90. John Marshall : definer of a nation

91. EC company law

92. Language as a medium of legal norms : implications of the use of Arabic as a language in the United Nations system

93. Sovereign (In) equality in international organizations

94. Writing with power : techniques for mastering the writing process

95. The Elgar companion to law and economics

96. The paradox of consensualism in international law

97. Emerging legal certainty : empirical studies on the globalization of law

98. The English Arbitration Act 1996 : text and notes

99. The choices justices make

100. Essays on the Law of treaties : a collection of essays in honour of Bert Vierdag