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1. ASEAN law and regional integration : governance and the rule of law in southeast Asia’s single market

2. Development-induced displacement and human rights in Africa : the Kampala convention

3. African perspectives on selected marine, maritime and international trade law topics

4. Forming transnational dispute settlement norms : soft law and the role of UNCITRAL's regional centre for Asia and the Pacific

5. The implosion of capitalism

6. International conservation law : the protection of plants in theory and practice

7. Arbitration and the Surety

8. The construction of the customary law of peace : Latin American and the Inter-american court of human rights

9. Bangladesh and international law

10. Liberty, slavery and the law in early modern western Europe : omnes homines aut liberi sunt aut servi

11. International investment protection within Europe : the EU's assertion of control

12. Beyond rights talk and culture talk : comparative essays on the politics of rights and culture

13. Bibliography on ICTR, ICTY andIRMCT 2018 = Bibliographie sur le TPIR, TPIY et MIFRTP

14. Asset freezing at the international criminal court and the United Nations security council : a legal protection perspective

15. Black's law dictionary,

16. Banking bailout law : a comparative study of the United States, United Kingdom and the European Union

17. Blockchain, law and governance

18. Blockchain, virtual currencies and ICOs : navigating the legal landscape

19. Banning black gods : law and religions of the african diaspora

20. In search of a model for the legal protection of a whistleblower in the workplace in Poland. a legal and comparative study

21. Africa and the backlash against international courts

22. Schutz kartellrechtlicher Kronzeugen vor strafrechtlicher Sanktion : eine Untersuchung zu Notwendigkeit und Gestaltung einer Kronzeugenregelung im deutschen Kartellstrafrecht

23. Artificial intelligence in the audiovisual sector

24. Business and human rights

25. International law for a digitalised world

26. Why noncompliance : the politics of law in the European Union

27. The Cambridge handbook of class actions : an international survey

28. The law applicable to cross-border contracts involving weaker parties in EU private international law

29. Careers in international law

30. Central and Eastern Europe as a double periphery? : volume of proceedings from the 11th CEE Forum Conference in Bratislava, Slovakia 25-26 April 2019

31. Challenges to legal theory : essays in honour of professor José Iturmendi Morales

32. Civil courts coping with Covid-19

33. Affective justice : the international criminal court and the pan-africanist pushback

34. European human rights : taking a case under the Convention

35. European human rights : taking a case under the convention

36. Comparative corporate governance

37. Comparative dispute resolution

38. Comparative privacy and defamation

39. Comparative tort law : global perspectives

40. Competition law for the digital economy

41. Constituent power : law, popular Rule and politics

42. Contract and property with an environmental perspective

43. Trade related aspects of intellectual property rights : a commentary on the TRIPS agreement

44. Contract law in the South Pacific

45. Economic value of the judiciary : a pilot study for five countries on volume, value and duration of large commercial cases

46. Modern legal scholarship : a guide to producing and publishing scholarly and professional writing

47. The Court of Justice and european criminal law : leading cases in a contextual analysis

48. Criminal networks and law enforcement : global perspectives on illegal enterprise

49. Crise anglophone et forme de l'Etat en débat au Cameroun : le procès du centralisme étatique

50. Cross-border insolvency : a commentary on the UNCITRAL model law