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1. Excess of powers in international commercial arbitration : compliance with the arbitral tribunal’s mandate in a comparative perspective

2. The age of sustainable development

3. National law and international human rights law : cases of Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe

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5. The Palgrave handbook of applied ethics and the criminal law

6. European variations as a key to cooperation

7. Governance : the art of aligning interests ; Liber amicorum Lutgart Van Den Berghe

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9. The legal foundations of Interpol

10. International encyclopedia of comparative law

11. Legal perspectives on sustainability

12. Law and the arab-Israeli conflict : the trials of Palestine

13. Life and the law in the era of data-driven agency

14. Trade agreements and public health : a primer for health policy makers, researchers and advocates

15. The enforcement of offender supervision in Europe : understanding breach processes

16. Digital piracy : a global, multidisciplinary account

17. The pixelated prisoner : prison video links, court 'appearance' and the justice matrix

18. Reconceiving civil society and transitional justice : lesssons from Asia and the Pacific

19. Protest and dissent

20. Byrne and McCutcheon on the Irish legal system

21. The White Book Service 2020 : civil procedure

22. Selfless intervention : the exercise of jurisdiction in the common interest

23. Corporate social responsibility and law in Africa : theories, issues and practices

24. Labour law and sustainable development

25. EU competition law and the digital economy : protecting free and fair competition in an age of technological (R)evolution

26. Legal protection for traditional knowledge : towards a new land for indigenous intellectual property

27. Cyber litigation : the legal principles

28. The public order exeption in international trade, investment, human rights and commercial disputes

29. Ecological restoration law : concepts and case studies

30. Criminal punishment and human rights : convenient morality

31. Corporate liability for insider trading

32. Law and time

33. Constitutionalism under extreme conditions : law, emergency, exception

34. Africa's role and contribution to international criminal justice

35. Collective and Mass Litigation in Europe

36. International commercial arbitration in a nutshell

37. Access to justice in arbitration : concept, context and practice

38. La decisione nel prisma dell'intelligenza artificiale

39. International arbitration and the COVID-19 revolution

40. I mercati dei servizi fra regolazione e governance

41. South Africa’s post-apartheid military : lost in transition and transformation

42. Legal and ethical issues of live streaming

43. Human rights, the rule of law, and development in Africa

44. The protection of intellectual property rights under international investment law

45. Counterterrorism law and practice in the east african community

46. Anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing law and policy : showcasing Australia

47. Control of the Laws in the ancient democracy at Athens

48. A critical legal examination of liberalism and liberal rights

49. The representational theory of capital : property rights and the reification of capital

50. International criminal law : the law of somebodiness - the law of nobodiness