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1. Access to justice in arbitration : concept, context and practice

2. Advanced introduction to legal research methods

3. Africa's role and contribution to international criminal justice

4. Anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing law and policy : showcasing Australia

5. Arbitration law of Canada : practice and procedure

6. The Attribution of Torture in the Private Sphere : an analysis of the jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights and the UN Committee against torture

7. Authorities in early modern courts in Europe

8. British contributions to international law, 1915-2015 : anthology set

9. Byrne and McCutcheon on the Irish legal system

10. Changing borders in Europe : exploring the dynamics of integration, differentiation and self-determination in the European Union

11. China's maritime boundaries in the South China Sea : historical and international law perspectives

12. Collective and Mass Litigation in Europe

13. Comparative climate change litigation : beyond the usual suspects

14. Constitutionalism under extreme conditions : law, emergency, exception

15. Contemporary issues in victimology : identifying patterns and trends

16. Contractual estoppel

17. Control of the Laws in the ancient democracy at Athens

18. Corporate liability for insider trading

19. Corporate responsibility and human rights : global trends and issues voncerning indigenous peoples

20. Corporate social responsibility and law in Africa : theories, issues and practices

21. Counterterrorism law and practice in the east african community

22. Criminal punishment and human rights : convenient morality

23. Cyber litigation : the legal principles

24. Czech (& Central European) yearbook of arbitration

25. Czech yearbook of international law

26. Das Europa der bibliographen von Brunet bis Estreicher

27. Death in custody : inquests, family participation and state accountability

28. Defending checks and balances in EU member states : taking stock of Europe’s actions

29. Digital piracy : a global, multidisciplinary account

30. Disciplining judges : contemporary challenges and controversies

31. Dispute processes : ADR and the primary forms of decision-making

32. Dispute settlement documents

33. Domestic abuse and human rights

34. Draft statute of the multilateral investment court

35. Drones and the law : international responses to rapid drone proliferation

36. ESPI Yearbook : space policies, issues and trends

37. EU Regulations 650/2012, 1103 and 1104/2016 : cross-border families, international successions, mediation issues and new financial assets : Goineu plus project final volume

38. EU competition law and the digital economy : protecting free and fair competition in an age of technological (R)evolution

39. Ecological restoration law : concepts and case studies

40. Emerging powers, global justice and international economic law : reformers of an unjust order?

41. Equality and non-discrimination in the EU : the foundations of the EU legal order

42. The European Union and human rights : analysis, cases, and materials

43. European variations as a key to cooperation

44. Excess of powers in international commercial arbitration : compliance with the arbitral tribunal’s mandate in a comparative perspective

45. Facts and evidence : a dialogue between philosophy and law

46. Fair trial : regional and international perspectives = Procès équitable : perspectives régionales et internationales : liber amicorum Linos-Alexandre Sicilianos

47. Formalism, decisionism and conservatism in russian law

48. Francisco de Vitoria and the evolution of international law : justifying injustice

49. Freedom of navigation and the law of the sea : warships, states and the use of force

50. Global competition law : a practitioner’s guide