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1. International economic law : The Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law

2. The legal reasoning of the European Court of Justice : towards a European jurisprudence

3. Judicial activism in India

4. Hinduism and law : an introduction

5. Legal systems of the world : a political, social, and cultural encyclopedia

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7. The European Union and its neighbours : a legal appraisal of the EU's policies of stabilisation, partnership and integration

8. The European Union : an ongoing process of integration (liber amicorum Alfred E. Kellermann)

9. European arrest warrant

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11. The application of EU law in the new member states : brave new world

12. Handbook on European enlargement : a commentary on the enlargement process

13. Fifty years of European Integration : foundations and perspectives

14. The origin, structure & working of the League of Nations

15. El derecho probatorio a la deriva

16. La instancia de apelación civil : estudio comparativo entre España y Alemania : (dos modelos para el S. XXI)

17. L'éclectique juridique : recueil d'articles en l'honneur de Jacques Python

19. Τα Συνταγματικά δικαιώματα των αλλοδαπών στην Ελλάδα = Constitutional rights of foreign citizens in Greece

20. La decisión de acusar : un estudio a la luz del sistema acusatorio inglés

21. International courts and contemporary conflicts

22. International Court of Justice : its functioning and settlement of international disputes

23. Studi in onore di Giuseppe Sperduti : fonti internazionali e rapporti fra ordinamenti : l'individuo nel diritto internazionale : altri contributi

24. The SAGE handbook of conflict resolution

25. The process of international arbitration

26. The constitution of private governance : product standards in the regulation of integrating markets

27. CE marking, product standards and world trade

28. Preliminary objections : related to the jurisdiction of the United Nations political organs

29. The settlement of boundary disputes in international law

30. The International Court of Justice at a crossroads

31. Stärkung des Völkerrechts durch Anrufung des Internationalen Gerichtshofs ?

32. The element of negotiation in the Pacific settlement of disputes between states : an analysis of provisions made and/or applied since 1918 in the field of the pacific settlement of international disputes

33. The legacy of John Austin's jurisprudence

34. National legal systems and globalization : new role, continuing relevance

35. Political economy of transition and development : institutions, politics and policies

36. Non-appearance before the International Court of Justice : functional and comparative analysis

37. Interim protection : a functional approach

38. Interim measures of protection in international controversies

39. International Court of Justice and some contemporary problems : essays on international law

40. The economics of Europe : from Common Market to European Union

41. Reviving the World Court

42. Judging the world court

43. The international Court of Justice : an analysis of a failure

44. Law and order : images, meanings, myths

45. The World court myth

46. Recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards in Brazil : a practitioner's guide

47. Competition and state aid : an analysis of the EU practice

48. Executive directors' remuneration in comparative corporate perspective

49. The Permanent Court of International Justice : its constitution, procedure and work

50. Festschrift Ahmed Sadek El-kosheri : from the arab world to the globalization of international law and arbitration