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1. The legal foundations of Interpol

2. British contributions to international law, 1915-2015 : anthology set

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14. Anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing law and policy : showcasing Australia

15. Control of the Laws in the ancient democracy at Athens

16. Drones and the law : international responses to rapid drone proliferation

17. A critical legal examination of liberalism and liberal rights

18. The representational theory of capital : property rights and the reification of capital

19. International criminal law : the law of somebodiness - the law of nobodiness

20. Changing borders in Europe : exploring the dynamics of integration, differentiation and self-determination in the European Union

21. EU Regulations 650/2012, 1103 and 1104/2016 : cross-border families, international successions, mediation issues and new financial assets : Goineu plus project final volume

22. Legal restraints on the use of military force : collected essays by Michael Bothe

23. Saving succeeding generations from the scourge of war : the United Nations Security Council at 75.

24. Formalism, decisionism and conservatism in russian law

25. Power in international criminal justice