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1. Comparative Law in a Changing World

2. Insolvency Law & Restructuring in Germany

3. Business and Human Rights in Africa: History, Politics, Context, and Emerging Trends

4. Chinese Multinational Companies and Human Rights

5. Defences in International Investment Law

6. Human Rights, the Rule of Law and Exploitation in the Postcolony

7. Innate Cosmopolitanism: The Immanent Collective in International Law

8. Restorative justice practice

9. Tax Law and Investment Arbitration

10. 1KBW on enforcement in financial remedy proceedings

11. Advanced introduction to international food law

12. Ambiguity in EU law : a linguistic and legal analysis

13. Applied legal pluralism : processes, driving forces and effects

14. Artifical intelligence and the law

15. Artificial intelligence in finance : challenges, opportunities and regulatory developments

16. Artificial intelligence, social harms and human rights

17. Asymmetric jurisdiction clauses

18. Atrocity crimes, children and international criminal courts : killing childhood

19. Aust's modern treaty law and practice

20. Bank insolvency law in developing economies

21. Bankruptcy : law and practice

22. Between sexuality, gender and reproduction : on the pluralisation of family forms

23. Biodiversity litigation

24. Brexit and energy law : implications and opportunities

25. The Cambridge companion to the international court of justice