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1. "A problem from hell" : America and the age of genocide

2. The "Alabama" claims : American politics and Anglo-American relations, 1865 - 1872

3. "Beyond reasonable doubt" and "probable cause" : historical perspectives on the Anglo-American law of evidence

4. "Crimes against peace" and international law

5. "Crossover" Children in the youth justice and child protection systems

6. "EU civil procedure and access to justice after the Lisbon treaty" : perspectives for a coherent approach

7. "I that is we, we that is I" - perspectives on contemporary Hegel : social ontology, recognition, naturalism, and the critique of Kantian constructivism

8. "Integration through law" revisited : the making of the European polity

9. "International law and..." : boundaries of international law and bridges to other fields and disciplnes (Vienna, 4-6 September 2014)

10. "LAW train" self-learning handbook on Brussels I recast and Brussels II bis regulations

11. "Mens Rea" at the International Criminal Court

12. "The Supremes" : an introduction to the U.S. Supreme Court justices

13. "They can live in the desert but nowhere else" : a history of the armenian genocide

14. The "ecosystem approach" in international environmental law : genealogy and biopolitics

15. La "main visible" = The "Visible Hand" : perspectives européennes et globales sur la régularition des marchés financiers et la gouvernance économique = European and global perspectives on financial market regulation and economic governance

16. The "private" in private international law

17. The "right to damages" under EU competition law : from Courage v. Crehan to the White Paper and beyond

18. The "war on terror" and the framework of international law

19. 'A Great and Noble Occupation!' : the history of the society of legal scholars

20. 'Boat refugees' and migrants at sea : a comprehensive approach (integrating maritime security with human rights)

21. 'Expert privilege' in civil evidence

22. 'Like products' in international trade law : towards a consistent GATT/WTO jurisprudence

23. The 'New' International Law

24. The 'civilizing mission' of portuguese colonialism, 1870-1930

25. The 'conflicts' process : jurisdiction and choice in private international law