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1. Histories written by international criminal courts and tribunals : developing a responsible history framework

2. Provisional measures Issued by international courts and tribunals

3. International humanitarian law and non-state actors : debates, law and practice

4. International law for a digitalised world

5. Legal challenges for nuclear security and deterrence

6. Membership in international organizations : paradigms of membership structures, legal implications of membership and the concept of international organization

7. Transitional justice in Ghana : an appraisal of the national reconciliation commission

8. Human perspectives on the development and use of nuclear energy

9. Living up to international criminal law : state of affairs, prospects and mandates

10. Regulating new technologies in uncertain times

11. The global prosecution of core crimes under international law

12. Maritime interception and the law of naval operations : a study of legal bases and legal regimes in maritime interception operations

13. The use of force against Ukraine and international law : Jus ad bellum, jus in bello, jus post bellum

14. Child soldiers as agents of war and peace : a restorative transitional justice approach to accountability for crimes under international law

15. Defining international terrorism : between state sovereignty and cosmopolitanism

16. Free movement of civil judgments in the European Union and the right to a fair trial

17. The International Criminal Court at the mercy of powerful states : an assessment of the neo-colonial

18. Victim participation in international criminal justice : practitioners’ guide

19. Avoiding a full criminal trial : fair trial rights, diversions and shortcuts in Dutch and international criminal proceedings

20. Democracy and rule of law in the European Union : essays in honour of Jaap W. De Zwaan

21. International criminal tribunals and human rights law : adherence and contextualization

22. Legal aspects of the use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes

23. UN declaration on the right to development 1986-2016, ways to promote further progress in practice

24. A collective theory of genocidal intent

25. Services of general Interest beyond the single market : external and international law dimensions