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1. Advancing the Legal Status of Women in Islamic Law

2. Africa and the decolonisation of state-religion policies

3. An African Criminal Court : The African Union's rethinking of international criminal justice

4. Aliens before the European Court of Human Rights : ensuring minimum standards of human rights rrotection

5. Artificial Intelligence: Robot Law, Policy and Ethics

6. Challenged Justice: In Pursuit of Judicial Independence

7. China's treaty policy and practice in international law and arbitration : a comparative and analytocal study

8. Climate change litigation : global perspectives

9. Courts in evolving societies : sino-european dialogue between judges and academics

10. Cross-Border Infringement of Personality Rights via the Internet

11. Debating the law, creating gender : sharia and lawmaking in Palestine, 2012-2018

12. The Dokdo/Takeshima dispute : South Korea, Japan and the search for a peaceful solution

13. Excessive maritime claims

14. Formalism, decisionism and conservatism in russian law

15. Human dignity and international law

16. Human rights and the concept of a human community with a shared future

17. Humanitarian intervention and political support for interstate use of force

18. Indigenous land rights in the Inter-American system

19. International law and transition to peace in Colombia : assessing jus post bellum in practice

20. International law from a Baltic perspective

21. Investments in conflict zones : the role of international investment law in armed conflicts, disputed territories, and ‘frozen’ conflicts

22. Irrational human rights? An examination of international human rights treaties

23. Judge Pinto de Albuquerque and the progressive development of international human rights law

24. Legal Maxims in Islamic Law

25. Legal restraints on the use of military force : collected essays by Michael Bothe