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1. Beyond Imperfect Justice

2. Big Data Analytics and Its Impact on Basin Water Agreements and International Water Law

4. EU Law and International Investment Arbitration

5. Equality and anti-discrimination : the road to equal rights in China

6. From exception to promotion re-thinking the relationship between international trade and environmental law

7. A History of Civil Law in Early China : Cases, Statutes, Concepts and Beyond

8. Individual criminal responsibility for the financing of entities involved in core crimes

9. International law and chemical, biological, radio-nuclear (CBRN) events. : towards an all-hazards approach

10. Interstitial Law-Making in Public International Law: A Study of Environmental Impact Assessments

11. Justice and society in the highlands of Scotland : Strathspey and the regality of Grant (c. 1690-1748)

12. The Protection Role and Jurisprudence of the United Nations Human Rights Council

13. Rwanda revisited : genocide, civil war, and the transformation of international law

14. State consent to foreign military intervention during civil wars

15. The civil code of the people's republic of China : English translation

16. A geo-legal approach to the english sharia courts : cases and conflicts

17. The law of the sea in the Caribbean

18. The law of whistleblowing : cross-disciplinary, contextual and comparative perspectives

19. The laws of yesterday’s wars : from indigenous australians to the american civil war

20. A new global economic order : new challenges to international trade law

21. Africa and the decolonisation of state-religion policies

22. An African Criminal Court : The African Union's rethinking of international criminal justice

23. Aliens before the European Court of Human Rights : ensuring minimum standards of human rights protection

24. Challenged Justice: In Pursuit of Judicial Independence

25. China's treaty policy and practice in international law and arbitration : a comparative and analytocal study