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1. Case-law and the development of international law : contributions by international Courts and Tribunals

2. Change in the law of the sea : context, mechanisms and practice

3. International Law for Freshwater Protection

4. International law and marine areas beyond national jurisdiction : reflections on justice, space, knowledge and power

5. Japanese maritime security and law of the sea

6. The Legal Regulation of Environmental Crime

7. Military necessity in international cultural heritage law

8. Monetary stability as a common concern in international law : policy cooperation and coordination of central banks

9. Peaceful resolution of disputes

10. The Spratly Islands and international law : legal solutions to coexistence and cooperation in disputed areas

11. Unrecognized entities : perspectives in internationa, european and constitutional law

12. Withdrawal from multilateral treaties

13. Le droit non écrit dans le contentieux international économique : une analyse critique de discours

14. Artificial intelligence : robot law, policy and ethics

15. Beyond consent : revisiting jurisdiction in investment treaty arbitration

16. Biolaw and international criminal law : towards interdisciplinary synergies

17. Changing actors in international law

18. Cross-border infringement of personality rights via the internet : a resolution of the Institute of International Law

19. Furthering the frontiers of international law : sovereignty, human rights, sustainable development ; Liber Amicorum Nico Schrijver

20. IUU fishing as a flag state accountability paradigm : between effectiveness and legitimacy

21. Jus post bellum : the rediscovery, foundations, and future of the law of transforming war into peace

22. Legal aspects of planetary defence

23. Marine scientific research, new marine technologies and the law of the sea

24. Organized crime and international criminal law : history, lex lata, and developments de lege ferenda

25. Politics and the histories of international law : the quest for knowledge and justice