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1. Proving bribery, fraud and money laundering in international arbitration : on applicable criminal law and evidence

2. Anticipating Risks and Organising Risk Regulation

3. United Nations legal order

4. Judicial policy making and the modern state : how the Courts reformed America's prisons

5. The South China Sea : a crucible of regional cooperation or conflict-making sovereignty claims?

6. Civilising globalisation : human rights and the global economy

7. Developing countries in the GATT legal system

8. Experiments in international adjudication : historical accounts

9. The Cambridge companion to comparative family law

10. Protection of legitimate expectations in investment treaty arbitration : a theory of detrimental reliance

11. Human trafficking and slavery reconsidered : conceptual limits and states' positive obligations in European law

12. The legal framework of the OSCE

13. Services trade in ASEAN : the road taken and the journey ahead

14. The legal authority of ASEAN as a security institution

15. The application of the European Convention on Human Rights to military operations

16. The international law of belligerent occupation

17. European Union law : text and materials

18. In defense of Uncle Tom : why blacks must police racial loyalty

19. Fragmentation and the international relations of micro-states : self-determination and statehood

20. International law and international relations

21. Cultures of legality : judicialization and political activism in Latin America

22. Contexts of international politics

23. The legal foundations of inequality : constitutionalism in the Americas, 1776-1860

24. Human rights as social construction

25. Owning development : creating policy norms in the IMF and the world bank