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1. The Frontier Complex

2. International Investment Law and Arbitration: Commentary, Awards and other Materials

3. International Law

4. Turpin and Tomkins' British Government and the Constitution

5. Dispute Processes ADR and the Primary Forms of Decision-making

6. International human rights law and practice

7. Rules and practices of international investment law and arbitration

8. The Cambridge companion to comparative family law

9. Blockchain regulation and governance in Europe

10. Civil war in Syria : mobilization and competing social orders

11. Comparative law

12. Distant justice : the impact of the International Criminal Court on African politics

13. International courts and domestic politics

14. International humanitarian law : cases, materials and commentary

15. International law as a belief system

16. Justification and excuse in international law : concept and theory of general defences

17. Legitimacy and international courts

18. A sociology of justice in Russia

19. Economic Integration in Africa : the East African Community in comparative perspective

20. International law

21. International law

22. International law as a profession

23. Proving bribery, fraud and money laundering in international arbitration : on applicable criminal law and evidence

24. Third-party countermeasures in international law

25. The WTO agreements : the Marrakesh agreement establishing the World Trade Organization and its annexes