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1. International & comparative law quarterly : ICLQ

2. Merger control worldwide

3. The European company

4. WTO analytical index : guide to the WTO law and practice

5. Common legal framework for takeover bids in Europe

6. Prospectus for the public offering of securities in Europe

7. Cross-border mergers in Europe

8. Anti-cartel enforcement worldwide

9. Fundamental rights and private law in the European Union

10. The International Criminal Court and complementarity : from theory to practice

11. Encyclopedia of transitional justice

12. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights : the travaux preparatoires

13. The birth of the English common law

14. An historical introduction to private law

15. Fifty years of the International Court of Justice : essays in honour of Sir Robert Jennings

16. Sovereignty over natural resources : balancing rights and duties

17. Some makers of English law : the Tagore lectures 1937 - 38

18. The rule of law in the Arab world : courts in Egypt and the Gulf

19. Trade and the environment : a comparative study of EC and US law

20. The constitution of Europe : "do the new clothes have an emperor?" and other essays on European integration

21. Unjust enrichment : a study of private law and public values

22. The origins of the European legal order

23. International law, the International Court of Justice and nuclear weapons

24. On civil procedure

25. The future of UN human rights treaty monitoring