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1. "Crimes against peace" and international law

2. The "war on terror" and the framework of international law

3. The 'conspiracy' of free trade : the Anglo-American struggle over empire and economic globalisation, 1846-1896

4. The 1848 revolutions and European political thought

5. The 2005 Hague Convention on Choice of Court Agreements : commentary and documents

6. Hess : the holy history of mankind and other writings

7. A guide to the world anti-doping code : the fight for the spirit of sport

8. The ACTA and the plurilateral enforcement agenda : genesis and aftermath

9. The ANZUS crisis, nuclear visiting and deterrence

10. The ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights : institutionalising human rights in Southeast Asia

11. ASEAN as an actor in international fora : reality, potential and constraints

12. The ASEAN economic community : a conceptual approach

13. ASEAN economic cooperation and integration : progress, challenges and future directions

14. ASEAN environmental legal integration : sustainable goals?

15. ASEAN's external agreements : law, practice and the quest for collective action

16. Access to asylum : international refugee law and the globalisation of migration control

17. Access to justice in Iran : women, perceptions, and reality

18. Accessories in Private Law

19. Accountability of armed opposition groups in international law

20. Accounting principles for lawyers

21. Accounting principles for non-executive directors

22. Adjudicating refugee and asylum status : the role of witness, expertise, and testimony

23. Adjudication in religious family laws : cultural accommodation, legal pluralism, and gender equality in India

24. Advocacy

25. Africa and the international system : the politics of state survival