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2. Cases Materials Text On Consumer Law

3. International Environmental Law 2nd Revised edition

4. The Law of the European Court

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10. EU Competition Law: An Analytical Guide to the Leading Cases

11. EU civil procedure law and third countries : which way forward?

12. Key Ideas in Constitutional Law

13. United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child : article-by-article commentary

14. Citizenship at the edges of freedom of movement

15. Company Laws of the EU

16. Conceptualising procedural fairness in EU competition law

17. Consumer protection and the EU digital market

18. Data as Counter-Performance : Contract Law 2.0? : Münster colloquia on EU law and the digital economy V

19. Defences in equity

20. The EU charter of fundamental rights in the member states

21. Environmental adjudication

22. European Union Law in Context

24. Judicial review handbook

25. Key Ideas in Administrative Law