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1. Legacies of War

2. The august trials : the holocaust and postwar justice in Poland

3. A pattern of violence : how the law classifies crimes and what It means for justice

4. Criminal dissent : prosecutions under the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798

5. Statelessness : a modern history

6. Adversarial legalism : the American way of law

7. Equal justice : fair legal systems in an unfair world

8. Justice in transactions: A Theory of Contract Law. : a theory of contract law

9. Law and macroeconomics : legal remedies to recessions

10. Laying down the law : the American legal revolutions in Occupied Germany and Japan

11. The antitrust paradigm : restoring a competitive economy

12. After nature : a politics for the anthropocene

13. An emerging modern world : 1750-1870

14. Austrian reconstruction and the collapse of global finance, 1921-1931

15. Blockchain and the law : the rule of code

16. Boundaries of the international : law and empire

17. Calculated values : finance, politics, and the quantitative age

18. China at war : triumph and tragedy in the emergence of the new China

19. Diciplining the Empire : politics, governance, and the rise of the British Navy

20. Empire by invitation : William Walker and manifest destiny in Central America

21. Globalists : the end of empire and the birth of neoliberalism

22. Globalization and inequality

23. Good government : democracy beyond elections

24. Haunted by chaos : China's grand strategy from Mao Zedong to Xi Jinping

25. Holy humanitarians : American evangelicals and global aid