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1. Artificial intelligence and the law

2. At the frontiers of state responsibility : socio-economic rights and cooperation on migraiton

3. Blurred lines of responsibility and accountability : human rights abuses at mega-sporting events

4. Civil Enforcement in a Comparative Perspective

5. Coronavirus and the law in Europe

6. Duiding Burgerlijk Procesrecht

7. EU private law : anatomy of a growing legal order

8. Environmental law for transitions to sustainibility

9. Environmental loss and damage in a comparative law perspective

10. European Legal Methodology, 2nd edition

11. European contract law and the creation of norms

12. European criminal law : an integrative approach

13. Human Rights and the Internet

14. Incorporating the UN convention on the rights of the child into national law

15. Informed choices in cross-border enforcement : the european state of the art and future perspectives

16. The International Criminal Court : 2014-2015

17. International divorce and financial claims : the common law clash with civil law

18. International handbook on child participation in family law

19. Labour exploitation in human trafficking law

20. Law, cultural studies and the "burqa ban" trend : an interdisciplinary handbook

21. Legal systems of the Pacific

22. Looking at aw through children's eyes

23. Party autonomy in EU private international law : choice of court and choice of law in family matters and succession

24. Right to a fair trial : a practical guide to the Article 6 case-law of the European Court of Human Rights

25. Rights of families of disappeared persons : how international bodies address the needs of families of disappeared persons in Europe