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1. Amice curiae, quo vadis? : het openbaar ministerie in privaatrechtelijke, administratieve en sociale zaken = le ministère public en matière civile, commerciale, administrative et sociale

2. Ambtshalve toepassing van EU-recht

3. Human rights in insolvency proceedings

4. Arbitration in Turkey

5. Arbitration in settlement of international commercial disputes involving the Far East : and arbitration in combined transportation

6. Bewijs

7. BGB Kommentar

8. Piercing the veil of state enterprises in international arbitration

9. Hoger beroep

10. Hoger beroep

11. EU-procesrecht

12. Communications in EU Law : antitrust market power and public interest

13. Insolventie in het internationaal privaatrecht

14. The New York Arbitration Convention of 1958 : towards a uniform judicial interpretation

15. European public law : the achievement and the challenge

16. The Ne Bis In Idem principle in EU law

17. International arbitration and forum selection agreements : drafting and enforcing

18. Burgerlijke rechtsvordering : inclusief Brussel I bis-Verordening

19. Burgerlijke rechtsvordering : inclusief EEX-Verordening : de tekst van het Wetboek van Burgerlijke Rechtsvordering en de EEX-Verordening voorzien van commentar

20. The Caspian Sea : a quest for environmental security

21. Cassatie in burgerlijke zaken

22. Burgerlijk bewijsrecht

23. Comparative arbitration practice and public policy in arbitration

24. Constitutional law of the EU member states

25. Crossing borders : essays in European and private international law, nationality law, and Islamic law in honour of Frans van der Velden