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1. Francisco de Vitoria and the evolution of international law : justifying injustice

2. World politics, human rights, and international law

3. Clashing worldviews in the U.S. Supreme Court : Rehnquist vs. Blackmun

4. Rhetoric, persuasion, and modern legal writing : the pen is mightier

5. Thucydides on international law and political theory

6. The concept of ordered liberty and the common-law due-process tradition : slaughterhouse cases through Obergefell v. Hodges

7. The judicial committee of the privy council and the caribbean court of justice : navigating independence and changing political environments

8. Dignity as a human right?

9. Island off the coast of Asia : instruments of statecraft in Australian foreign policy

10. Hegemonic war and grand strategy : Ludwig Dehio, world history, and the American future

11. Institutional diversity in self-governing societies : the Bloomington school and beyond

12. Presumption of innocence in peril : a comparative critical perspective

13. The South China sea disputes : past, present, and future

14. Power, law, and maritime order in the South China Sea

15. Trials and tribulations of international prosecution

16. Lemkin on genocide

17. Regional integration and modernity : cross-Atlantic perspectives

18. Cognitive justice in a global world : prudent knowledges for a decent life

19. Global changes and theoretical challenges : approaches to world politics for the 1990s

20. The United Nations Secretariat : the rules and the practice

21. The international Court of Justice : an analysis of a failure