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1. Rethinking the firm : theories of the business enterprise

2. State intervention and EU competition law

3. Technology Transfer and the EU Competition Rules: Intellectual Property Licensing after Modernisatio

4. Anti-Monopoly Law and Practice in China

5. Arbitration in France

6. Birnie, Boyle, and Redgwell's International Law and the Environment

7. Choice of Law in International Commercial Contracts

8. EU Competition Procedure

9. Emergency Arbitration

10. International Capital Markets: Law and Institutions

11. Internet jurisdiction : law and practice

12. Japanese law

13. A Practical Approach to Alternative Dispute Resolution

14. UK and US Corporate Insolvency Law: A Comparative Analysis

15. Jacobs, White, and Ovey : the European Convention on Human Rights

16. The protection of intellectual property rights under international investment law

17. The 2003 UNESCO intangible heritage convention : a commentary

18. Blackstone's civil practice 2020

19. Democracy and equality : the enduring constitutional vision of the Warren Court

20. The Development of International Humanitarian Law by the International Criminal Tribunals

21. Due Diligence in the International Legal Order

22. English legal system

23. Environmental Principles : From Political Slogans to Legal Rules /.

24. The European Court of Human Rights

25. The European Union and human rights : law and policy