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1. Comparative Law in a Changing World

2. Restorative Justice And Ubuntu: Indigenous Knowledge And Contemporary Developments

3. Restorative justice practice

4. Tax Law and Investment Arbitration

5. Corruption and international trade : a legal perspective

6. Human rights and the private sphere : a comparative study

7. International Arbitration Rules

8. Jurisdiction, immunity and transnational human rights litigation

9. Peace Without Justice

10. Armed conflict and human rights law : protecting civilians and international humanitarian law

11. Brexit and competition law

12. Constitutional law and the EU balanced budget principle

13. Cryptocurrencies and the regulatory challenge

14. Cyber law and ethics : regulation of the connected world

15. Dignity and international human rights law : an introduction to the Punta del Este declaration on human dignity for everyone everywhere

16. Domestic legal pluralism and the international criminal court : th case of Shari'a law in Nigeria

17. EU private law and the CISG : the effects for national law

19. Foundations of international commercial law

20. Global finance in the 21st century : stability and sustainability in a fragmenting world

21. Global reflections on children’s rights and the law : 30 years after the Convention on the rights of the child

22. Institutional change and the International Criminal Court

23. International Women’s Rights Law and Gender Equality

24. International law in the transition to peace : protecting civilians under jus post bellum

25. Law, relationality and the ethical life : Agamben and Levinas