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1. Comparative Law in a Changing World

2. Restorative Justice And Ubuntu: Indigenous Knowledge And Contemporary Developments

3. Restorative justice practice

4. Tax Law and Investment Arbitration

5. Corruption and international trade : a legal perspective

6. Human rights and the private sphere : a comparative study

7. International Arbitration Rules

8. Jurisdiction, immunity and transnational human rights litigation

9. Peace Without Justice

10. Adjudicating global business in and with India : international commercial and investment disputes settlement

11. Advancing environmental justice for marginalized communities in India : progress, challenges and opportunities

12. African Customary Justice: Living Law, Legal Pluralism, and Public Ethics

13. Akehurst's modern introduction to international law

14. Alternative Dispute Resolution in Energy Industries

15. Ancient indigenous human remains and the law

16. Armed conflict and human rights law : protecting civilians and international humanitarian law

17. Banking regulation in Africa : the case of Nigeria and other emerging economies

18. Beyond transitional justice : transformative justice and the state of the field (or non-field)

19. Borders, migration and globalization : an interdisciplinary perspective

20. Brexit and competition law

21. Business, compliance and human rights law : the effectiveness of transnational private regulations for vulnerable stakeholders

22. Changing law in developing countries

23. Child marriage, rights and choice : rethinking agency in international human rights

24. Children's rights and the law : an introduction

25. China's foreign investment legal regime : progress and limitations

26. Collective Action, Philosophy and Law

27. Colonial legacies and the rule of law in Africa : Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa and Zimbabwe

28. Communities and courts : religion and law in modern India

29. Comparative contract law : an introduction

30. Competition law and policy in the EU and UK

31. Constitutional imaginaries : a theory of european societal constitutionalism

32. Constitutional law and the EU balanced budget principle

33. Contract law

34. Courthouse architecture, design and social justice

35. Courts and judicial activism under crisis conditions : policy making ina time of illiberalism and emergency constitutionalism

36. Criminalization of activism : historical, present and future perspectives

37. Crypto-finance, law and regulation : governing an emerging ecosystem

38. Cryptocurrencies and the regulatory challenge

39. Cyber law and ethics : regulation of the connected world

40. Delegation of powers in the EU legal system

41. Democracy in international law-making : principles from Persian philosophy

42. Desistance from sexual offending : the role of circles of support and accountability

43. Digital lawyering : technology and legal practice in the 21st century

44. Dignity and international human rights law : an introduction to the Punta del Este declaration on human dignity for everyone everywhere

45. Domestic legal pluralism and the international criminal court : th case of Shari'a law in Nigeria

46. Due diligence and the high seas

47. EU private law and the CISG : the effects for national law

48. Elections, violence and transitional justice in Africa

49. Environmental constitutionalism in the anthropocene : values, principles and actions

50. Equality, discrimination and the law