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1. The Europa world of learning

2. The ethics of bankruptcy

3. International law in the post-Cold War world : essays in memory of Li Haopei

4. The Chinese legal system : globalization and local legal culture

5. Serving the rule of international maritime law : essays in honour of professor David Joseph Attard

6. Global finance in crisis : the politics of international regulatory change

7. International law in a multipolar world

8. Lawyers and the construction of transnational justice

9. Sovereignty and jurisdiction in the airspace and outer space : legal criteria for spatial delimitation

10. The development of the Chinese legal system : change and challenges

11. Law across borders : the extraterritorial application of United Kingdom law

12. International conflict mediation : new approaches and findings

13. The ICJ and the evolution of international law : the enduring impact of the Corfu Channel Case

14. Constitutional and administrative law

15. Asian approaches to international law and the legacy of colonialism and imperialism : the law of the sea, territorial disputes and international dispute settlement

16. The regulation of international trade

17. The current state of domain name regulation : domain names as second class citizens in a mark-dominated world

18. The foundations and future of financial regulation : governance for responsibility

19. The structure of investment arbitration

20. Shipping law

21. The English legal system : 2012 - 2013

22. Marine policy : an introduction to governance and international law of the oceans

23. Critical approaches to international criminal law : an introduction

24. Autonomy and liberalism

25. Negotiating the Arctic : the construction of an international region