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1. ASEAN International Law

2. Bilingual study and research |b the need and the challenges

3. Blurry boundaries of public and private international law : towards convergence or divergent still ?

4. Business, human rights and the environment : the evolving agenda

5. China's path of human rights development

6. Codes of ethics and ethical guidelines : emerging technologies, changing fields

7. Common law, civil law : the great divide?

8. Conscientious objection : dissent and democracy in a common law context

9. Corruption and fraud in investment arbitration : procedural and substantive challenges

10. Cross-border data transfers regulations in the context of international trade law : a PRC perspective

11. Effective enforcement of creditors' rights

12. Empire, humanism and rights : collected essays on Francisco de Vitoria

13. Ethnic diversity, plural democracy and human dignity : challenges to the European Union and Western Balkans

14. Financial technology and the law : combating financial crime

15. Gender rquity : challenges and opportunities. Proceedings of 2nd international conference of Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology

16. Global transformations in the use of biodiversity for research and development : post Nagoya Protocol implementation amid unresolved and arising issues

17. Insurance and human rights

18. Interdisciplinary approaches to climate change for sustainable growth

19. International Law Time

20. Law and Migration in a Changing World

21. Law and Technology in a Global Digital Society

22. Legal Aspects of Cruises

23. Medical liability in Asia and Australasia

24. Modernizing the role of the international court of justice

25. New developments in legal reasoning and logic : from ancient law to modern legal systems