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1. Die Verfassungsgerichtsbarkeit in der vernetzten Weltordnung

2. Rechtspflichten und -grenzen der Betreiber sozialer Netzwerke

3. From bilateral arbitral tribunals and investment courts to a multilateral investment court : options regarding the institutionalization of investor-state dispute settlement

4. Europäisches Strafrecht

5. European yearbook of international economic law

6. Die Registersachen : Handelsregister, Genossenschafts-, Vereins-, Gu̒terrechts-, Muster-, Schiffs- und Schiffsbauwerks-Register in der gerichtlichen Praxis

7. Die Registersachen : Handelsregister, Genossenschafts-, Vereins-, Güterrechts-, Muster-, Schiffs- und Schiffsbauwerks-Register

8. Das Beratungsgeheimnis : sein Gegenstand und seine Wirkungen mit Berücksichtigung der Abstimmungsmethode

9. The economics of bank bankruptcy law

10. Preventing corporate corruption : the anti-bribery compliance model

11. Current trends in preparatory proceedings : a comparative study of nordic and former communist countries

12. Arbitration in China : Rules & Perspectives

13. Court interpreters and fair trials

14. Refugees and migrants in law and policy : challenges and opportinuties for global civic education

15. The international criminal court - an international criminal world court? : Jurisdiction and coperation mechanisms of the Rome statute and its practical implementation

16. Child refugee asylum as a basic human right : selected case law on state resistance

17. The Armenian massacres of 1915-1916 a hundred years later : open questions and tentative answers in international law

18. The chinese road of the rule of law

19. Climate conflicts : a case of international environmental and humanitarian law

20. Drafting the Irish constitution, 1935-1937 : transnational influences in interwar Europe

21. The Southern African Development Community and law

22. An economic analysis of intellectual property rights infringement : field studies in developing countries

23. International insolvency law : national laws and international texts

24. Russian legal realism

25. Legal conventionalism