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1. The European Union and the Technology Shift

2. The European Union’s Trade Defence Modernisation Package : a missed opportunity at reconciling trade and competition?

3. Financial Technology and the Law

4. Gender, Power and Restorative Justice

5. Green criminology and the law

6. The Human Rights Challenge to Immunity in International Law

7. The Impact of Law's History

8. Insurance and Human Rights

9. Sovereign Immunity Under Pressure

10. Sustainable commodity use : its governance, legal framework, and future regulatory instruments

11. Blockchain, law and governance

12. Catalan independence and the crisis of sovereignty

13. China’s foreign-invested limited partnership enterprise : an analysis of its legal personality, limited liability and trasnferable ownership interest

14. Courtroom power distance dynamics

15. Customs Unions in the WTO. : problems with anti-dumping

16. EU external relations law; : shared competences and shared values in agreements between the EU and its eastern neighbourhood

17. Economics and law of artificial intelligence : finance, economic impacts, risk management and governance

18. Emerging powers, global justice and international economic law : reformers of an unjust order?

19. Evil as a crime against humanity : confronting mass atrocities in a plural world

20. Foreign Direct Investment in the Successor States of Yugoslavia

21. International commercial arbitration : legal and institutional infrastructure in Ethiopia

22. International law in disaster scenarios : applicable rules and principles

23. International marine mammal law

24. Judges and adjudication in constitutional democracies : a view from legal realism

25. Legal capacity & gender : realising the human right to legal personhood and agency of women, disabled women, and gender minorities