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1. Africa and the decolonisation of state-religion policies

2. African basin management organizations : contribution to pollution prevention of transboundary water resources

3. Investors, states, and arbitrators in the crosshairs of international investment law and environment

4. Adapting watercourse agreements to developments in international law : the case of the Itaipu treaty

5. Addressing corruption allegations in international arbitration

6. Between criminalization and protection : the Italian way of dealing with migrant smuggling and trafficking within the European and international context

7. National styles in science, diplomacy, and science diplomacy

8. Principles of evidence in public international law as applied by investor-state tribunals : burden and standards of proof

9. Re-situating utopia

10. Religious courts in the jurisprudence of the european court of human rights

11. Use of experts in international freshwater disputes : a critical assessment

12. The critical attitude and the history of international law

13. The ubiquity of positive measures for addressing systemic discrimination and inequality : a comparative global perspective

14. Arctic ocean shipping : navigation, security and sovereignty in the North American Arctic

15. Damages in investor-state arbitration

16. Fair and equitable treatment : its interaction with the minimum standard and its customary Satus

17. International investment law and arbitration : history, modern practice, and future prospects

18. Jurisdiction and admissibility in investment arbitration : the practice and the theory

19. New perspectives on the structure of transnational criminal justice

20. The Organisation of the anthropocene : in our hands?

21. Political theology and international law

22. Sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination

23. Symbolic insult in diplomacy : a subtle game of diplomatic slap

24. What is market manipulation? : an analysis of the concept in a European and Nordic context

25. The human right to water in Latin America : challenges to implementation and contribution to the concept