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1. Insiders, outsiders, injuries, & law : revisiting "the oven bird's song"

2. Buried in the heart : women, complex victimhood and the war in Northern Uganda

3. Criminalizing children : welfare and the state in Australia

4. Culture in the domains of law

5. Duties to care : dementia, relationality and law

6. Global lawmakers : International organizations in the crafting of world markets

7. Incitement on trial : prosecuting international speech crimes

8. Muslim women's quest for justice : gender, law and activism in India

9. Palaces of Hope : the anthropology of global organizations

10. Revisiting the law and governance of trafficking, forced labor and modern slavery

11. The politics of bureaucratic corruption in post-transitional Eastern Europe

12. China and Islam : the prophet, the party, and law

13. Contesting economic and social rights in Ireland : Constitution, State and society, 1848–2016

14. Contractual knowledge : one hundred years of legal experimentation in global markets

15. Criminal defense in China : the politics of lawyers at work

16. Diversity in practice : race, gender and class in legal and professional careers

17. Shifting legal visions : judicial change and human rights trials in Latin America

18. The demographic transformations of citizenship

19. A sociology of transnational Constitutions : social foundations of the post-national legal structure

20. The world of indicators : the making of governmental knowledge through quantification

21. Contesting immigration policy in court : legal activism and its radiating effects in the United States and France

22. European states and their muslim citizens : the impact of Institutions on perceptions and boundaries

23. Human rights under state-enforced religious family laws in Israel, Egypt and India

24. Indigeneity and legal pluralism in India : claims, histories, meanings

25. Investing in authoritarian rule : punishment and patronage in Rwanda's Gacaca Courts for genocide crimes