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1. Fragmentation and the international relations of micro-states : self-determination and statehood

2. International law and the Arctic

3. The law of internal armed conflict

4. Reducing genocide to law : definition, meaning, and the ultimate crime

5. Legal personality in international law

6. Sugar and the making of international trade law

7. Mestizo international law : a global intellectual history 1842-1933

8. Exclusion from public space : a comparative constitutional analysis

9. Transition from illegal regimes under international law

10. Sovereign defaults before international courts and tribunals

11. The participation of states in international organisations : the role of human rights and democracy

12. State immunity in international law

13. The doctrine of odious debt in international law

14. The formation and identification of rules of customary international law in international investment

15. Cooperation in the law of transboundary water resources

16. Civil liability in Europe for terrorism-related risk

17. Religious hatred and international law : the prohibition of incitement to violence or discrimination

18. Proof of causation in tort law

19. Armed conflict and displacement : the protection of refugees and displaced persons under international humanitarian law

20. International law and governance of natural resources in conflict and post-conflict situations

21. The crime of aggression under the Rome statute of the International Criminal Court

22. The right to reparation in international law for victims of armed conflict

23. 'Armed Attack' and article 51 of the UN charter : evolutions in customary law and practices

24. Trading fish, saving fish : the interaction between regimes in international law

25. Vicarious liability in tort : a comparative perspective