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1. Information exchange between competitors in EU competition law

2. Competition, data and privacy in the digital economy : towards a privacy dimension in competition policy?

3. Criminal law principles and the enforcement of EU and national competition law : a silent takeover?

4. Firm dominance in EU competition law : the competitive process and the origins of market power

5. Private enforcement of european competition and state aid law : current challenges dans the way forward

6. Remedies in EU competition law : substance, process and policy

7. Antitrust settlements : how a simple agreement can drive the economy

8. Directory of EU case law on state aids

9. Merger control in the EU and Turkey : a comparative guide

10. The interplay between competition law and intellectual property : an international perspective

11. Directory of EU Case Law on Competition

12. Directory of EU case law on State Aids

13. EU competition law, data protection and online platforms : data as essential facility

14. The role of economic analysis in EU competition law : the european school

15. Competition and state aid : an analysis of the EU practice

16. The Interplay between European and National Competition Law after Regulation 1/2003

17. The substantive appraisal of joint ventures under the EU merger control regime

18. Competition law enforcement and compliance across the world : a comparative review

19. EU competition law : between public and private enforcement

20. EU competition law, regulation and the internet : the case of Net neutralité

21. EU cartel enforcement : reconciling effective public enforcement with fundamental rights

22. Landmark cases in competition law : around the world in fourteen stories

23. Antitrust law in Brazil : fighting cartels

24. Merger decisions and the rules of procedure of the European Community Courts

25. M&A in Belgium / : edited by Wim Dejonghe and Wouter van de Voorde