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1. Histories written by international criminal courts and tribunals : developing a responsible history framework

2. Human Trafficking under International and Tanzanian Law

3. Legality matters : crimes against humanity and the problems and promise of the prohibition on other inhumane acts

4. Reproductive violence and International Criminal Law

5. Transitional justice in Ghana : an appraisal of the national reconciliation commission

6. The International Criminal Court in turbulent times

7. Beyond genocide : transitional justice and Gacaca courts in Rwanda, the search for truth, justice and reconciliation

8. Judicial responses to pre-trial procedural violations in international criminal proceedings

9. Memory and punishment : historical denialism, free speech and the limits of criminal law

10. Prosecution of Politicide in Ethiopia : The Red Terror Trials

11. The 'contextual elements' of the crime of genocide

12. Anti-money laundering law : socio-legal perspectives on the effectiveness of German practices

13. Child soldiers as agents of war and peace : a restorative transitional justice approach to accountability for crimes under international law

14. Defining international terrorism : between state sovereignty and cosmopolitanism

15. The International Criminal Court at the mercy of powerful states : an assessment of the neo-colonial

16. The African Criminal Court : a commentary on the Malabo Protocol

17. Translating guilt : identifying leadership liability for mass atrocity crimes

18. Victim participation in international criminal justice : practitioners’ guide

19. Avoiding a full criminal trial : fair trial rights, diversions and shortcuts in Dutch and international criminal proceedings

20. International criminal tribunals and human rights law : adherence and contextualization

21. A collective theory of genocidal intent

22. The extraordinary chambers in the courts of Cambodia : assessing their contribution to international criminal law

23. Illicitly obtained evidence at the International Criminal Court

24. Universal jurisdiction : the Sierra Leone profile

25. Africa and the international criminal court