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1. Common law, civil law : the great divide?

2. Conceptual jurisprudence : methodological issues, classical questions and new approaches

3. Judges and adjudication in constitutional democracies : a view from legal realism

4. Theory of legal evidence, evidence in legal theory

5. Implicatures within legal language

6. Legal conventionalism

7. Legal positivism in a global and transnational age

8. Reconstructing sovereignty

9. Russian legal realism

10. The legal order : studies in the foundations of juridical thinking

11. Legal fictions in theory and practice

12. Problems of normativity, rules and rule-following

13. A critical appraisal of Karl Olivecrona's legal philosophy

14. Legal argumentation theory : cross-disciplinary perspectives

15. The legacy of John Austin's jurisprudence

16. Efficiency, sustainability, and justice to future generations

17. Law and democracy in Neil MacCormick's legal and political theory : the post-sovereign constellation

18. Efficiency instead of justice? : Searching for the philosophical foundations of the economic analysis of law

19. Methods of legal reasoning

20. On Law and Reason

21. Reasonableness and law

22. On the interpretation of treaties : the modern international law as expressed in the 1969 Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties

23. Theory of Legal Principles

24. Legal method and the rule of law

25. The judicial application of law