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1. Rules and practices of international investment law and arbitration

2. Comparative law

3. Comparative law

4. Evidence matters : science, proof, and truth in the law

5. Practising self-government : a comparative study of autonomous regions

6. Freedom of information : the law, the practice and the ideal

7. General jurisprudence : understanding law from a global perspective

8. Trusts law : text and materials

9. A critical introduction to European law

10. Dispute processes : ADR and the primary forms of decision-making

11. EC competition law

12. Evaluating scientific evidence : an interdisciplinary framework for intellectual due process

13. Globalisation and the Western legal tradition : recurring patterns of law and authority

14. Families and the European Union : law, politics and pluralism

15. Rethinking evidence : exploratory essays

16. Analysis of evidence : how to do things with facts

17. Lawyering skills and the legal process

18. Remedies in contract and tort

19. European public law

20. Law's families

21. The law of contract

22. Ombudsmen : public services and administrative justice

23. Transnational legal processes

24. Cranston's consumers and the law

25. Common values and the public-private divide