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1. Evading international norms : race and rights in the shadow of legality

2. Beyond virtue and vice : rethinking human rights and criminal law

3. The Organization of Islamic Cooperation and human rights

4. Human rights transformation in practice

5. P. C. Chang and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

6. Strategies of compliance with the European Court of Human Rights : rational choice within normative constraints

7. Torture : an expert's confrontation with an everyday evil

8. Truth without reconciliation : a human rights history of Ghana

9. Genocide : the act as idea

10. Raphaël Lemkin and the concept of genocide

11. Seeing the myth in human rights

12. Benevolent Empire : U.S. power, humanitarianism, and the world's dispossessed

13. Human rights in American foreign policy : from the 1960s to the Soviet collapse

14. Truth commissions : memory, power, and legitimacy

15. The human rights state : justice within and beyond sovereign nations

16. The promise of human rights : constitutional government, democratic legitimacy, and international law

17. International responses to mass atrocities in Africa : responsibility to protect, prosecute, and palliate

18. The human right to citizenship : a slippery concept

19. Amnesties, accountability, and human rights

20. Chains of justice : the global rise of state institutions for human rights

21. Cultural heritage in transit : intangible rights as human rights

22. How to accept german reparations

23. The breakthrough : human rights in the1970s

24. Human rights and the negotiation of American power

25. Intimate enemies : violence and reconciliation in Peru