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1. Excessive maritime claims

2. New knowledge and changing circumstances in the law of the sea

3. Regime interaction in ocean governance : problems, theories, and methods

4. The law of the seabed : access, uses, and protection of seabed resources

5. The law of the seabed : access, uses, and protection of seabed resources

6. Gender and the law of the sea

7. High seas governance : gaps and challenges

8. Historic waters and historic rights in the law of the sea : a modern reappraisal

9. The ecosystem approach in ocean planning and governance : perspective from Europe and beyond

10. The European Union and the Arctic

11. Governance of Arctic shipping / : balancing rights and interests of Arctic states and User States

12. Maritime terrorism and the role of judicial institutions in the international legal order

13. The international seabed authority and the precautionary principle : balancing deep seabed mineral mining and marine environmental protection

14. Establishing continental shelf limits beyond 200 nautical miles by the coastal state : a right of involvment for other States?

15. Jurisdiction over ships : post-UNCLOS developments in the law of the sea

16. Maritime security cooperation in the Gulf of Guinea : prospects and challenges

17. The continental shelf beyond 200 nautical miles : delineation, delimitation and dispute settlement

18. The Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf : law and legitimacy

19. Dependent archipelagos in the law of the sea

20. Filling regulatory gaps in high seas fisheries : discrete high seas fish stocks, deep-sea fisheries and vulnerable marine ecosystems

21. The law of the sea and the polar regions : interactions between global and regional regimes

22. Dispute resolution in the law of the sea

23. Excessive maritime claims

24. Reflections on the contemporary law of the sea

25. DOKDO : historical appraisal and international justice