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1. An African Criminal Court : The African Union's rethinking of international criminal justice

2. IUU fishing as a flag state accountability paradigm : between effectiveness and legitimacy

3. The breach of a treaty : state responses in international law

4. General Principles for Business and Human Rights in International Law

5. General principles of law recognized by civilized nations (1922-2018) : the evolution of the third source of international law through the jurisprudence of the permanent court of international justice and the international court of justice

6. State responsibility for support of armed groups in the commission of international crimes

7. The duty of the shipmaster to render assistance at sea under international law

8. Corruption and targeted sanctions : law and policy of anti-corruption entry bans

9. Cross-border water trade : legal and interdisciplinary perspectives

10. Fundamentals of public international law : a sketch of the international legal order

11. General principles and the coherence of international law

12. Permutations of responsibility in international law

13. Piracy and the origins of universal jurisdiction : on stranger tides?

14. The Rome Statute of the ICC at its twentieth anniversary : achievements and perspectives

15. The Iran-UAE Gulf islands dispute : a journey through international law, history and politics

16. L'exploitation des ressources génétiques marines hors juridiction nationale

17. The right of actio popularis before International courts and tribunals

18. The seal hunt : cultures, economies and legal regimes

19. Due diligence in international law

20. Marine protected areas in international law : an Arctic perspective

21. Prosecuting international crimes : a multidisciplinary approach

22. Sovereignty in the exercise of the Right to self-determination

23. Whaling in the Antarctic : significance and implications of the ICJ judgment

24. Article 31(3)(c) VCLT and the principle of systemic integration : normative shadows in Plato's Cave

25. Environmental criminal liability and enforcement in European and international law