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1. International human rights law and crimes against women in Turkey : legislation on so-called honour killings

2. Women's health and the limits of law : domestic and international perspectives

3. Collective punishment and human rights law : addressing gaps in international law

4. Criminal punishment and human rights : convenient morality

5. Criminal theory and international human rights law

6. Domestic judicial treatment of European Court of Human Rights case law : beyond compliance

7. Economic and social rights law : incorporation, justiciability and principles of adjudication

8. Hate speech and human rights in Eastern Europe : legislating for divergent values

9. Human rights in India

10. Human rights law and evidence-based policy : the impact of the EU fundamental rights agency

11. International law and violence against women : Europe and the Istanbul convention

12. Minority rights, feminism and international law : voices of amazigh women in Morocco

13. The human rights council : the impact of the universal periodic review in Africa

14. The law and practice of the European Social Committee

15. Contemporary human rights challenges : the Universal declaration of human rights and its continuing relevance

16. Human rights and the digital divide

17. Human rights, digital society and the law : a research companion

18. The protection of vulnerable groups under international human rights law

19. Children's rights law in the global human rights landscape : isolation, inspiration, integration?

20. Dignity, degrading treatment and torture in human rights law : the ends of article 3 of tje European convention on human rights

21. Freedom from religion and human rights law : strengthening the right to freedom of religion and belief for non-religious and atheist rights-holders

22. Resolving conflicts between human rights : the judge's dilemma

23. The ECHR and human rights theory : reconciling the moral and political conceptions

24. Children and international human rights law : the right of the child to be heard

25. The European Court of Human Rights in the post-cold war era / : universality in transition