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1. Indigenous-industry agreements, natural resources, and the law

2. State territory and international law

3. Territorial disputes and state sovereignty : international law and politics

4. Public private partnership contracts : the Middle East and North Africa

5. WTO jurisprudence : governments, private rights, and international trade

6. The responsibility to protect in Libya and Syria : mass atrocities, human protection, and international law

7. Backstage practices of transnational law

8. Child rights and international discrimination law : implementing Article 2 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

9. Drug control and international law

10. International 'criminal' responsibility : antinomies

11. International investment law and globalization : foreign investment, responsibilites and intergovernmental organizations

12. International law and revolution

13. Russian discourses on international law : sociological and philosophical phenomenon

14. Transnational terrorist groups and international criminal law

15. The far-right in international and European law

16. The future of international courts : regional, institutional and procedural challenges

17. Armed conflict and forcible displacement : individual rights under international law

18. China's one belt one road initiative and private international law

19. Confronting cyberespionage under international law

20. Demilitarization and international law in context : the Åland islands

21. Fighting and victimhood in international criminal law

22. The International Criminal Court and Nigeria : implementing the complementarity principle of the Rome Statute

23. International criminal law and sexual violence against women : the interpretation of gender in the contemporary international criminal trial

24. Nationalization, natural resources and international investment law : contractual relationship as a dynamic bargaining process

25. Peacemaking, religious belief and the rule of law : the struggle between dictatorship and democracy in Syria and Beyond