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1. Deutsches und Europäisches Kartellrecht : Kommentar

2. Access and control in digital humanities

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7. Analyse économique du droit

8. Arbeitsrechtlicher Schutz Soloselbständiger am Beispiel der Plattformarbeit

9. Athletes' human rights and the fight against doping : a study of the european legal framework

10. Atti giuridici e capacità d'agire

11. Automatisierte Meinungsbeeinflussung : der Schutz des Kommunikationsprozesses in sozialen Online-Netzwerken

12. Bearing witness : the human rights case against fracking and climate change

13. Better law for a better world : new approaches to law practice and education

14. Birnie, Boyle & Redgwell's international law and the environment

15. Blackstone's civil practice 2021

16. La CEDH et le droit de la famille

17. The Cambridge handbook of twin peaks financial regulation

18. Cases, materials, and texts on legal problems of international economic relations

19. China's treaty policy and practice in international law and arbitration : a comparative and analytocal study

20. Choice of law in international commercial contracts : global perspectives on the Hague principles

21. Civil code of the Republic Kazakhstan

22. Class actions in Europe : holy grail or a wrong trail?

23. Code civil comparé : Luxembourg, Belgique, France

24. Code des sociétés luxembourgeois 2021

25. Code pénal 2022